After Dinner Speakers, Sport Stars for Guest Appearances & Business Event Speakers

Viking Hospitality are growing their After Dinner Speakers & Sports Star booking Agency.

As we provide After Dinner Speakers with many of our Corporate Business events we have built up a large contact database of After Dinner Speakers and as well as using these ourself, we also act as a booking agency should you wish to book them for your After Dinner Speaking job, other Business or Corporate use or Guest Appearance work.

We used to have about 20 prominent WRU or other Rugby Speakers, Presenter or Pundits on our After Dinner Speaker books but this has now grown to over 200 including many more from the works of Premiership Football.

We have just added Neil Razor Ruddock (currently on Celebrity Big brother), John Barnes, Ian Rush, John Hartson, Gerard Houlier (former Liverpool FC manager to our After Dinner Speakers & Business motivational speakers books and many others too.

We also have business speakers and other prominent people on our books for speaking, Hostess or other guest appearance or commercial opportunities including the Current Miss Great Britain and the Current Miss Universe Wales.

If you are looking for Sport Stars, Reality TV Stars, Rugby Stars, Football Stars, Business Speakers or other prominent people to speak at your dinner, host a charity auction, provide a guest appearance, attend a business event or provide a business motivational speach, then please email or call 02920 482666.



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